The SA500 is a derivative of PFOs WS500 WorkStation. Its application focuses on spectral attenuation and is designed to produce accurate measurements quickly and with confidence

The SA500 utilizes DSP and solid-state monochromator technology to provide high-performance measurements of changes to spectral loss in fibers with respect to wavelength. The high dynamic range enables testing of the longer lengths now found in fiber and cable manufacturing, including the latest G657 A & B fiber types as well as some of the latest exotic Hi-NA fibers as used in submarine cables.

The SA500 has become the system of choice for attenuation measurements in submarine cable plants.


Features & Benefits

  • Solid-state construction – Stable, accurate, and reliable, yielding low ownership costs.
  • Broad-band SLED light sources – Wide spectral coverage of 1250–1650 nm.
  • Fully developed control software – User programmable automated high-speed measurements.
  • Applicable to most fiber types – Measures NDS, NZDS, DC, and bend-insensitive variants.


The SA500 system may be configured with additional measurement options to satisfy the end users measurement requirements.

  • Cut-off wavelength (λc, λcc)

    Adds external programmable white light source for use in cut-off wavelength measurements.

  • Macrobending loss (BL)

    Adds facility to measure macrobending loss; includes IEC recommended curve fitting.


Our PECON Instrument control software is optimised to enhance user experience, enabling reliable and reproducible measurements.