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Testing of optical fibers is an ever changing field with test requirements changing as fiber designs change. At PFO, we stay ahead of the game by working directly with leaders in the field of fiber development to ensure our offerings provide the solutions that match the current and future needs of the market.

The selection of instruments below represents our current offering, but watch this page in the future for new solutions are added as our development program progresses.

CD, SPL, and PMD Systems

Our CD, SPL and PMD systems comprise industry-standard products for the measurement of chromatic dispersion (CD), fiber strain (SPL), and polarisation mode dispersion (PMD). With many options available the CD, SPL, and PMD systems are highly configurable, offering unparalleled speed of measurement and compact design.


OTDR System

Our OTDR system is used to measure attenuation along the length of a fiber.

Attenuation in an optical fiber occurs as a result of the way the light interacts with the structure of the fiber both at a microscopic and a macroscopic level. It is one of the parameters that can significantly be affected by the processes used to manufacture and install/join the cable.


WS Systems

Our WS systems comprise industry-standard products for the measurement of attenuation (SA), MFD and cutoff wavelength.


FG Systems

Our FG systems measure fiber geometry (FG) and fiber curl (CURL).

In fiber optic communications, the accuracy of fiber geometry and curl measurement is crucial for ensuring that the optical signals are transmitted with minimal loss and interference.


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