PMD500 is our polarisation mode dispersion (PMD) measurement system available in two PMD measurement methods, designed to produce accurate measurements quickly and with confidence.

The PMD500 utilizes two methods of measurement, covering the range of PMD values found in fiber and cable manufacturing, with PMD values from 0.005 ps right up to 60 ps with scans of DGD up to 200 ps available.

Features & Benefits

  • Solid-state construction – Stable, accurate, and reliable, yielding low ownership costs.
  • Broad-band SLED light sources – Wide spectral coverage of 1250–1650 nm.
  • Dual Scan Fixed Analyser – Simultaneous acquisition of both polarised and reference signals, halving measurement time.
  • Fully developed control software – User programmable automated high-speed measurements.
  • Applicable to most fiber types – Standard, DS, NZDS, DC, and specialty fibers.


PMD500 systems may be configured with various measurement options to satisfy the end users measurement range requirements.

  • Interferometry version

    Utilises a broad-band LED with a scanning interferometer covering a wide PMD range.

  • Fixed analyser version

    Dual scan configuration utilising broad-band LEDs covering standard (lower) fiber PMD range.

  • Dual method version

    Combines both interferometry and dual scan fixed analyser for coverage of the full PMD ranges in 1 instrument.

  • Ultra-low PMD

    For the fixed analyser method, a reference bi-refringent crystal is added to modulate the rotation of polarisation shifting the low frequency component away from the self-masking zero point, revealing the low PMD data for inclusion in the calculation.


Our PECON Instrument control software is optimised to enhance user experience, enabling reliable and reproducible measurements.