The OTDR600 is an optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) system for the measurement of attenuation and length of optical fibers. The OTDR600 is specifically designed for use in factories and laboratories where high linearity and productivity on factory spool lengths are crucial.

Features & Benefits

  • Solid-state construction – Stable, accurate, and reliable, yielding low ownership costs.
  • Dual output ports – Bi-directional testing in a single sequence.
  • Multiple laser sources – Spectral modelling using standard telecoms wavelengths.
  • Fully developed control software – User programmable automated high-speed measurements.
  • Applicable to most fiber types – Standard, NDS, NZDS, DC, bend-insensitive, and multi-mode variant fibers.


OTDR systems may be configured with various measurement options enabling use in alternate applications.

  • Spectral Modelling

    Utilises multiple wavelength OTDR traces to predict spectral attenuation values across the telecom spectrum.

  • Mode Field Diameter (MFD)

    Utilises multiple wavelength OTDR traces to calculate MFD values at the measured wavelengths.

  • Strain

    Monitoring changes in the OTDR trace during mechanical stressing of the cable.

  • Macrobending Loss

    Measures the effect of bending on the attenuation of the fiber.

  • Enhanced distance capability

    Enabling measurements of the longer spool lengths that are planned by industry.


Our PECON Instrument control software is optimised to enhance user experience, enabling reliable and reproducible measurements.