The FG500 is a fiber geometry system that measures the physical dimensions of the fiber including core, cladding, and coating diameter, non-circularity, and eccentricity. The FG500 is designed to produce accurate measurements quickly and with confidence.

Measurement of Fiber and Coating Geometry is a process-critical activity that needs to be accurate, reproducible, and traceable. PFO has designed the FG500 to take advantage of the latest technology in optics to give the highest resolution possible in a user-friendly solution. Calibration of the FG500 follows IEC guidance and utilises calibration artefacts supplied and or traceable to the UK National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Features & Benefits

  • High-resolution optics – Accurate calculation of fiber dimensions.
  • Applicable to most fiber types – Standard, NDS, NZDS, DC, bend-insensitive, and multi-mode variant fibers.


Our PECON Instrument control software is optimised to enhance user experience, enabling reliable and reproducible measurements.