The CD500 is a chromatic dispersion measurement system for use in fiber and cable manufacturing, designed to produce accurate measurements quickly and with confidence.

The CD500 uses a temperature-stabilized solid-state monochromator driven by a digitally derived RF frequency signal that allows the wavelength to be set and maintained with picometer precision and stability. Using a digital approach and employing the latest in DSP technology, the CD500 yields fast low noise drift-free results.

Features & Benefits

  • Solid-state construction – Stable, accurate, and reliable, yielding low ownership costs.
  • Broad-band SLED light sources – Wide spectral coverage of 1250–1650 nm.
  • Fully developed control software – User programmable automated high-speed measurements.
  • Applicable to most fiber types – Standard, NDS, NZDS, DC, bend-insensitive, and multi-mode variant fibers.


CD500 systems may be configured with various measurement options enabling use in alternate applications.

  • Tuneable Laser version

    Utilises a high-power tuneable laser giving higher dynamic range and narrower spectral resolution to measure narrow band components and specialist fibers with higher-than-normal dispersion characteristics.

  • PMD version

    Incorporates fixed analyser and/or interferometry methods to enable measurement of both Chromatic Dispersion and Polarisation Mode Dispersion in the same unit.

  • Strain

    Utilises the standard CD500 hardware to monitor length and power change in the fiber during mechanical stressing of the cable.

  • Macrobending Loss

    Adds low frequency power detection that enables the measurement of macrobending loss at programmable wavelengths.

  • Spectral Attenuation

    An external plug-in module that enables measurement of the spectral attenuation by the cut-back method.


Our PECON Instrument control software is optimised to enhance user experience, enabling reliable and reproducible measurements.